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Garbazh d'Blanc

Help me Write a Book

And I will definitely send something to other members of this community...

Hi! I'm a professor doing a large research project about the orphan train. I need a LOT of books for this project. I have an Amazon wish list. Some of the books cost as little as five dollars including shipping (if you get used copies, and I don't mind used copies AT ALL). I know it is a long whot posting it here, but if even one book is bought, it was worth it. HEre's my spiel:

My Amazon Wish List

Come on Y'all, help me write a book! My wish list is here:

All books (except for a Jill Scott CD) have to do with a major research project I'm undertaking about the Orphan Train. The Orphan Trains were run by the Children's Aid Society in NYC, where they sent up to 250,000 to midwestern farms between mid 1800's and the mid 1900's.

My great great grandparents were "esscorts/overseers" on the orphan trains. (John Washington SWan and Hattie McKim Swan -- you can find them online)

Here is a website dedicated to historical preservation of the Orphan Trains:

I need these books to complete a major project. The project will look at how the children were represented in several ways: in newspaper ads, by the Children's Aid Society, by fiction books(there was a genre of Orphan Train books for 8-10 year olds), by photographs, by the orphans' own words through diaries and letters, through non-fiction historical research, and through any other media I can find, including interviews with the few still living Orphan Train riders. I really want to speak for the children in this project, who are so often portrayed as helpless or criminal urchins in need of saving, and who so often ended up as indentured servants on midwest farms.

I would appreciate it if y'all would buy me a Christmas present from this list. They run from very cheap (5 bucks or less including shipping) to more expensive (40 bucks at the most, and that is very rare).

All the info of where to send the books is in the wishlist. I <3, who just gave 300 jobs to Huntington, WV, where they have a shipping plant.

Pretty please, LJ Santa Clauses? You don't even have to tell me who you are, though I'd be thrilled if you did. I love you all!

EDIT NOTE: You can buy the books new or used. Sometimes the better value is used, but remember that for every used book you buy, there is a $3.50 shipping charge added on. If you buy new books from Amazon, and you spend more than $25, shipping is FREE. Used books don't count towards that $25 total. So you kind of have to be mathematical and decide which is truly the cheapest way to go: used or new. As for me, I don't care. I love used books; I love new books; I love all books.
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